About Bruce

About Bruce

Bruce Broussard
Bruce Broussard

Over three decades, the name Bruce Broussard has become synonymous in the Portland Metro area with lively debate, solutions-oriented advocacy, and community involvement.

It would be difficult to name a local or statewide issue that Bruce has not addressed, most notably as the host of his cable-access interview and debate forum, Oregon Voter Digest.

As he begins his fourth decade as a media resource and community leader for citizens looking to stay informed and engage on public policy issues, Bruce is making a renewed commitment to his show, and to the communities of Portland.

A major step into the public arena came for Bruce in 1983 when he purchased The Digest–then a print publication–from the man who hired him as assistant editor, C.R. “Bob” Hilliyer. Bruce had already earned publishing credentials at the helm of the Portland Observer, a weekly print publication.

A letter from then-Governor Vic Atiyeh congratulating Bruce read in part, “I am sure that under your direction, The Digest will continue to grow and improve.”

Also that year, Bruce, a ten-year Marine veteran with a tour in Vietnam, gifted the Digest archives going back to 1915 to the Oregon Historical Society. Then-Director Thomas Vaughn stated, “This gift adds an extra dimension to the archives of Oregon’s political history.”

A longtime participant in Oregon Republican politics, Bruce has actively sought to include voices from both sides of the spectrum on his show. He was a candidate for Multnomah County District 2 in 2014, and is currently serving as Oregon Republican Lincoln Engagement Chair.

Some notable guests from Bruce’s history behind the microphone include Norma Paulous, Governor Atiyeh, Earl Blumenauer, and Art Robinson.

Bruce’s business career is varied and distinguished. He was a loan officer at US Bank, an IBM sales representative, and Sales/Community Relations Representative for USA Waste Management Refuse and Recycling. Bruce and his wife Norma owned and developed a senior housing complex in N.E. Portland, and also owned the Tri-County Neighborhood Housing Company, helping non-qualifying homeowners achieve home ownership.

From his earliest days as a public and business figure, Bruce has sustained an active commitment to community service, including participation in the following socially-engaged and philanthropic enterprises: The Boys and Girls Clubs, McCoy Academy Board Chair, Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund, the United Way, the NAACP, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Urban League, Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, the Buffalo Soldiers, City Club of Portland, and the Kiwanis.

Bruce’s employment history includes a stint as a Marine recruiter, a job which gave him the opportunity to work with the Oregon Department of Justice to save at-risk youth from incarceration for minor crimes.

In the public service sector, Bruce was a member of the Metro Solid Waste Advisory Board, the Governor’s State Business Task Force, the White House Small Business Conference, the Solid Waste Recycling Board, the Multnomah County Charter Review Board, the Urban Forestry Commission, City Public Utility Review Board, and was appointed by Governor Atiyeh to the Oregon Small Business Committee.

So what’s new for Bruce Broussard?

Bruce served his country as a Marine, but his commitment to serve did not end with military service.

He is renewing his commitment to public debate, staying involved, and hopefully moving towards consensus on the important issues facing Portland and the region.

As Oregon Republican Lincoln Engagement Chair, he plans to bring Multnomah County’s African-American, Hispanic, and Asian communities further into the political mix, but also to include on his show new voices from across the community, business leaders, elected officials and their representatives, and citizens with an interesting perspective or story to tell.

He welcomes visitors to his new website, and hopes you’ll be in contact.